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I’ll be streaming commissions tonight, so come on in and hang out or listen to some music with us!

Commissions are currently open as well, so shoot me a message during the stream and we can work out the details.

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So Hyde teaches Aster Pookian (headcanon that Pookian is very similar to Nahuatl, Latin and some Aboriginal languages) And well… He seems to pick up the odd bad word along the way. 







So Hyde teaches Aster Pookian (headcanon that Pookian is very similar to Nahuatl, Latin and some Aboriginal languages) And well… He seems to pick up the odd bad word along the way. 



How do you think Aster would react to all the other Guardians showing up and eating chocolate bunnies in bizzarely sensual ways? Like Jack is kissing and slurping around the bunny's chocolate mouth- and North is nibbling and biting the bunny's chocolate tail. And Aster would just be like 'wat th fuq' XD


I reckon it’d be more like: 

It had started with his leaving them around the Easter Bunny’s burrow whilst he’d been away doing his duty. Perhaps two dozen, sometimes three chocolate Easter bunnies of varying sizes and percentages of cocoa, a few bite-sized eggs just to keep things interesting. They were hidden atop bookshelves, in storage boxes, strapped to the bottom of tables and cut into new sketchbooks crafted by Nick’s large, loving hands. Nick believes he’s taught Aster a thing or two about hiding gifts over the years because of their play and he holds no shame about pointing that out. 

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bby y u so perf? ;w;

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What was so great about Mewtwo, anyway.

Whatever makes him happy, really. If this is what Mewtwo’s been up to instead of mindlessly fighting- then cheers to ‘im.



I don’t care that no one in the US has heard of Doraemon, PLEASE bring this to North America. Even if you have to shoehorn in the voice of Rob Schneider or Drake Bell, I’d STILL watch this. 

omg its beautiful



Uncle Kage – Furries and the Media

Great watch this. If you want to learn about how to deal with the Press and other negative neddies, this is an excellent crash course.

Furry fandom, in my opinion, is basically our fandom’s older brother. We’re not identical, but this video works very well for us as well.

(This is the video AskASaneBrony was talking about in his last post. Pretty good info and funny as well)



Zombillenium, an upcoming french animated feature film directed by Arthur de Pins (based on his comic book - watch the music video).


Chow woke up on Koopus's floor. Last night's date was a blue after the food was served. Chow thinks he ingested some bamboo.





The kappa’s apartment was quiet, the window was glowing with bright morning sunshine, the smells of their wok dinner still lingered in the air. A quick look around the single room told Chow that the professor was not in, but, getting up, the bear would register another thing. There was something… off about the surroundings, very off. Not only that, but something was wrong with Chow himself, or rather, his clothing.

The garments he’d slept in were quite a bit too big for him. The room itself seemed much larger than usual, but no- it was the same size as it had been thanks to his “renovations”, enlarging it to be more comfortable… or was it? The kappa’s belongings were what had grown. What had once seemed almost dwarf-like now looked almost normal, if a bit big for him to use. Waddling forward, having to tug and wrap his plus-sized clothing around him as not to trip on it, he’d come to work out what had happened:

The furniture hadn’t gotten bigger, his clothes hadn’t gotten larger, no; he’d gotten smaller. The room was back to it’s abysmally tiny size, presumably when he’d fallen asleep the magic he’d infused it with had worn off. But why was he smaller too? He had to find Koopus and figure this out!

He remembered the professor mention he had a drawing class this morning, in the studio where they’d set up the still life yesterday.

Chow didn’t really understand what was going on, but he didn’t really think this would be a problem for long. He decided to wait until Koopus made it back to the room to attempt to fix himself. He used his powers to adjust the size of his clothes in the meantime so he wouldn’t trip over himself.

The professor hadn’t mentioned how long his class was going to be, studio courses could be as long as 5 or 6 hours though. The analog clock, high on the mantle read somewhere between 8 and 8:30 AM, so it may have just started. The old building was creaky in the morning chill, the muffled drone of voices came from the floor below, and birds twittered sweetly from beyond the windowpanes. The world felt so much bigger from this vantage, he felt almost like a child looking around. Using the furniture as reference he’d estimate his new height being somewhere around 3 and a half feet.

It seemed Chow would be alone for quite awhile if he didn’t leave the apartment.

Chow tried to make himself bigger, but he could only manage to grow to about 5ft and he could barely keep himself that tall. This wouldn’t wear off for another 12 hours.

He decided to go find Koopus to get this reversed quicker. He left the room and locked the door with his magic. He sensed Koopus 2 floors down so he made his way to the class.

The building looked shockingly different from Chow’s fluctuating eye level, the narrow hallways were more comfortably spacious, and it was quite an experience to have to reach up to grasp doorknobs (even having to rise to tiptoe to manage it sometimes), the steep, rickety stairs were a chore with Chow’s shorter legs he’d find himself clutching at the handrail more than usual. Finally he managed to find the studio classroom where they’d built the still life the previous day. From within the sound of a spirited lecture echoed, the kappa seemed to be currently instructing.

Now the bear would be faced with a decision, would he interrupt, or sneak in and try to distract the professor, or would he try a different tactic.


Monsters Elementary - Rivalry

"Boo"  k fair- those dorks omg