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Fluttercord Drabbles- askbox promts Part 1

Anonymous said:

prompt idea? I got a funny one: Discord gets stuck in a small window and Fluttershy has to help him out


He was humiliated, utterly mortified, to be immobilized in such a way. Discord was stuck, bent at an odd angle in the tiny kitchen window of Fluttershy’s cottage. His head was sticking out, blushing, over her sink like some bizarre hunting prize. The draconequus’s mismatched shoulders were locked in against his torso, pinning his mismatched arms to his side. They’d long since gone numb and he was aching all over, the pinching of his kinked torso really starting to get to him. Luckily, Fluttershy was soon alerted by Angel Bunny who, after laughing himself silly over the sight (with much grumbled swearing of revenge from Discord) hopped off to get her.

“Can’t you use your magic to… I don’t know, teleport out?” She asked timidly.

“Oh, of course! How silly of me, I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been!” The lodged draconequus rolled his eyes with dripping sarcasm, a literal molten manifestation of exasperation dribbling out of his mouth.

“I’m sorry…” Fluttershy looked quite ashamed, she hid her face behind her curtain of hair again.

“Oh Fluttersy, I do apologize, this is just really uncomfortable here.” Discord strained, wobbling uselessly as the solid timbers of the windowsill creaked. “I’m afraid my magic casting arm requires a degree of mobility that I have now been denied. I do hope you don’t mind me telling you how painful it is to be in this position.” He sighed, shooting big puppydog eyes at the pretty pegasus. “I could, of course just strongarm it and break free, but that would destroy your lovely wall here, and I wouldn’t want to disturb your animal friends or your home,”

“I-I see… well, that’s very considerate of you, Discord, I- um… give me a moment, and I will be right back to get you out, o-okay?”


I’m always accepting more suggestions for Discord/Fluttercord drabbles. Send me some more prompts via askbox?

Fluttercord Drabbles- Voted Prompts Part 1

((When I write drabbles its always like I can jot down a few lines of dialogue and it goes nowhere, or I pick up a prompt and then run with it for like 8 pages.

There is no inbetween.

Case in point here: the option that got the most votes out of them all was number 1— You can still submit votes here if you like))


Discord gets kidnapped by changelings

“Ha! The joke’s on you, you holey terrors- I don’t feel love!”

“Oh really? Because we think you do,” They hissed together in unison, their yellow phosphorescent eyes gleaming, “There is one that you care for, one that you would do most anything to protect, isn’t there? Yesssss.” The changeling nearest Discord took on the likeness of a soft-eyed, lemonade-yellow pegasus pony with long pink hair and batted ‘her’ eyelashes. The whole colony ruptured with malevolent giggles. Discord growled, his embarrassment turning to anger, he writhed and flailed in the tight tendrils.

“No… leave her alone!”

“Oh, we won’t dare harm her, it’s the love between you we’re after.”

“The love of a beauty for her beast, hee hee!”


(I always appreciate more prompts, for Discord or Fluttercord or what have you. Send me some, plz?)

Gender Bender: Muse is the opposite gender for ___.
Baby: Muse is pregnant and due in ____. (Father specified by anon)
Sight: Muse is blind for ___
Hearing: Muse is deaf for ___
Ariel: Muse doesn't have a tongue for ___
Memory: Muse cannot remember anything for ___
Injury: Muse will be injured somehow (anon decides severity and injury) for ____
Fear: Muse will be terrified by something or someone (anon specifies who) for ___
Gemini: Muse will split into two different versions of themself for ___
Basket: Muse finds a baby in a basket and has to take care of it for ___
Love: Muse will be in love with (Anon decides) for 2 days
Cloak: Muse will be Invisible if wearing a special Clothing (Anon decides) for 3 Hours
Cough: Muse will be ill for 14 Hours
Remember: Muse will suffer Memory Loss for 4 Days
Gas: Muse will have hallucinogenic imaginary sights for one day.
Beer: Muse will talk like a Drunk and hit on everybody, lasts 3 Hours
Host: Muse will be a Gentleman/Lady for 34 Hours
Age: Muse will be a Kid for 10 Hours
Feels: Muse will be obsessed with an event or something that will cause them to express related emotions (Anon decides)
Phobia: Muse is terribly afraid of something or someone (Anon specifies)
Lurk: Muse will follow ______(Anon can specify who or what)
Answer: Muse will have to answer anything that is asked of him/her truthfully, lasts 4 hours
Noise: Muse will say everything they think, lasts for a day
Sick: Muse will be sick with a unique flu for (Anon decides. Anon may also specify flu symptoms, they can even be really odd, different from Cough curse.)
Command: Muse has to take commands by the next _______ people in their ask (Anon specifies)
Obsession: Muse will be obsessed with ______ (Anon specifies) for the next 12 hours.
Reverse: Muse's personality will be extremely opposite for (Anon decides)
Extremist: Muse becomes an extremist for (Anon specifies and decides for how long)
Class: Muse will believe they are a high-class prostitute for (Anon decides)
Switch: Muse has to switch bodies with (Anon decides, but muns have to agree) for (Anon decides how long)
Power: Muse gains _______ (Anon specifies) as a power for 17 hours
Confess: Muse has to confess something they think of or feel toward anyone they speak to each time they speak to them for the next 5 hours
Enemy: Muse takes the appearance of someone they hate for 16 hours
Slave: Muse becomes a maid or butler to _______ (Anon decides) for 24 hours
Dream: Muse is able to trespass in the dreams and nightmares of others for 48 hours
Impression: Muse thinks they are a ______ (Anon pick an animal) for 15 hours
Gone: Muse loses _____ (Mun decides something or someone important) for 16 hours
Kiss: Muse wants to kiss everyone in their inbox for the next hour
Stalk: Muse thinks they are being stalked for (Anon decides)
Nightmare: Muse is plagued with horrific images and scenes both in sleeping and in waking for 3 days
Paranoia: Muse becomes extremely paranoid about (Anon specifies what and for how long)
Infatuation: Muse becomes /madly/ in love with the next person they see on their dashboard for 4 days
Hallucination: Muse sees things for (Anon decides)
Alarm: Muse keeps hearing an alarm go off but cannot figure out where for the next 18 hours
AU: Muse is stuck in an Alternate Universe with little recollection of their own universe for a whole week
Craving: Muse will have an unusual craving for (Anon specifies) for 9 hours
Mother: Muse suspects everyone has insulted their mother for 4 hours
Thin Ice: Muse strays onto thin ice and falls through unless saved. (Mun chooses whether they live or die)
High Tide: Muse is trapped in a cave with water that will fill it in 4 hours.
Pins and Needles: Muse feel as if someone is sticking needles in them for 2 hours.
Crawling Bugs: Muse becomes paranoid of bugs crawling on his/her skin and keeps hallucinating that there are bugs crawling on them.
Angel: Muse is and angel for ___
Demon: Muse is a demon for ___
Possession: Muse is possessed by a demon for ___
Broken: Muse is mentally broken and upset with themselves to the point that they harm themselves for ___
Neko Kid: Muse turns into a little neko kid version of themselves, acting with cute cat-like instincts and such for ___
Feel free to add more!
College!Anthro AU Fluttercord RP


Fluttershy was the first to notice the Draconequus becoming younger, and Twilight’s face paled as she realized that Discord’s magic was far more powerful than any she had seen…. Or heard.  He had just done an age spell without an incantation or having either of his horns glow.  ”What?!”  Twilight showed her shock more than anyone, as the thought of how powerful this Draconequus could be crossed her mind now more than ever.  She couldn’t do an aging spell, and even other mastered wizards couldn’t achieve such a spell even with help from magical artifacts!  Twilight took a step back in slight fear and awe.

"You don’t have to apologize-"  Fluttershy was cut off as the crowd laughed at the embarrassed Draconequus, his pants falling down revealing his boxers.  Fluttershy averted her eyes and blushed while her ears flattened.  Hearing his apology, Fluttershy looked up in surprise, "Wa-!"  Fluttershy called for Discord, but he seemed to be off and more humiliated than Fluttershy had ever been that day.  Fluttershy felt guilty for having dismissed him at first for being nothing more than a scary classmate.

"Wait!"  Fluttershy called, however the Draconequus bumped into Rainbow Dash of all ponies.  "Hey watch where you’re going shrimp!"  The blue pegasus shouted, her arms crossed as she flew above him.  Rainbow Dash laughed at the sight of the Draconequus, "HAHA!  Who’re you?  Pinky the Magic Dragon?!"  Rainbow Dash pointed at the boxers.  

Discord wanted to curl up and hide his shame away forever. It was absurd, that he would lose control over his magic because of a few glances from a pretty girl? By now he was hardly looking old enough to attend Canterlot High let alone this prestigious school. What was wrong with him? He didn’t think his frazzled nerves could handle any more, he’d unravel at the seams if it got any worse! His body was starting to collapse into a pile of colored thread starting at the tip of his stubbier tail as he scampered along, but he yanked the loose strings tight with a clumsy claw.

And then he ran into Rainbow Dash. She was a tall, athletic girl, leanly built and limber, and her getup was the very definition of ‘sporty’. A pastel tracksuit with rainbow accents and a smart cap over her shock of polychromatic mane. To the dinky diminished Discord she seemed like a giant, a looming mountain in his path. He quailed, having fallen to his skinny rump and scrabbled to his quavering feet, his face burned and eyes began to water with the threat of tears. He staggered, almost blown back on his tail again by the gust summoned by Rainbow’s flapping wings, and his jeans fell down again, eliciting the pegasus’s taunt as his underwear was exposed.

"N-n-no, I-" Discord tried to stammer, but his voice caught in his throat, weak and shaking, so very far from the smooth, cool, deepness he’d voiced moments prior. He bit his lip, a tear overflowing from the well and searing down his inflamed fuzzy cheek with a hiss of steam. And he ran, just turned tail and bolted, sobbing without restraint, leaving the too-big jeans in a pool behind at Dash’s feet, holding tight to those baggy boxers with all his might. He butted with difficulty through the staring crowd and disappeared. His height advantage was quite effectively dashed by his diminishment, making him easy to lose in the swarm of students. he also faced the current of traffic with much less sway in its direction, basically reliving what Fluttershy had at the end of class several minutes ago.

He ducked under pony’s legs and sputtered, getting mouthfuls of tail hair, trying to navigate the sea of taller students. He was scared and tears were still streaming down his face, he didn’t know where he was going, but he had to find somewhere to hide, he had to get away! His mind was in chaos in the worst way. He found an emptier hallway and dashed down it, trying to ignore the stares he attracted, yanking his ill-fitting (but unfortunately not overly long) leather jacket down to try to hide his undershorts. He found a shadowy corner behind some dusty, unused lockers and dived into it, curling up and hiccupping softly. His tears soaked the collar of his shirt and running nose sliming up his overlong sleeves as he buried his juvenile features in his hands. He couldn’t know if anyone had followed him, for good or for ill… His head was pounding with miserable, self-debasing thoughts of how dumb he’d been and how he could never hope to make friends with… her.

College!Anthro AU Fluttercord RP


The second the words, “orderly obsessive” left Discord’s mouth, Fluttershy felt the hallway change and shivered behind Twilight.  While his voice may have sounded melodious and sweet, the anger and disgust was chilling to the bone.  Fluttershy was only brave enough to peek up from Twilight’s shoulder.  

Twilight’s eyes narrowed and lips pursed as she realized Mr. Discord was somepony who didn’t want to be friends.  Letting out a small cry of pain from Discord’s ‘handshake’, Twilight rubbed her hand with an angry pout. Surprised at Fluttershy’s invitation, Twilight whipped around with an angrily confused expression on her face and quickly turned back to Discord, who was suddenly bumbling with words.

Twilight immediately took action at seeing Discord’s opening for a verbal comeback.  ”FIRST!” Twilight’s voice reverberated across the walls, and most students dropped whatever they were holding as the poster child for calm learning in a library had suddenly shouted.

"It was only 500 rewards, thank you.  And Canterlot University was more than generous in their scholarship grants to me yes-"  Twilight suddenly walked up to Mr. Discord, which nopony would’ve dreamed of doing!  "And you can bet that I earned every penny.”  Twilight growled.  Twilight’s pursed lips and straight posture didn’t falter for a second, her chin up proudly, and her eyes piercing.  ”I really hope he doesn’t use magic.”  Twilight thought for a fleeting second, but quickly breathed and regained control.

"SECOND!  If I’m not mistaken Mr. Discord, no one has insulted, alluded, or even inferred that you were a monster in this conversation."  Twilight calmly replied, then continued, "And THIRD! I would be honored to have such a prestigious student in the Chaos Magic Program help me and my friends.”  Twilight smiled, causing everypony to either whisper furiously or internally scream in surprise.

Fluttershy was even more surprised at Twilight’s invitation than anypony, and had remained quiet the entire Twilight had spoken, as did the rest of the crowd surrounding them.  ”U-Uhm… Twilight?”  Twilight was unsure of whether to drop down and faint at what she had said, or runaway with out another word.  ”We should get going….”  Fluttershy whimpered to both Twilight and Discord, who seemed to be having a very heated discussion.  Twilight remained standing tall whilst staring coldly against Discord while Fluttershy had come out of her hiding place from Twilight’s shoulder and quietly walked in between the two.  ”We should probably get going…”  Fluttershy repeated as loud as she could (which wasn’t much.)  ”Rainbow Dash is waiting for us…”  Fluttershy insisted.

Discord was taken aback. At first his eyes narrowed as the pushy unicorn got in the way of his sweet, sought-after pegasus, but he arched his long neck back as she advanced. His large eyes widened as he doubled back, almost tripping over his tail, which had swung around shyly while he’d been talking to Fluttershy. He had misjudged this girl, clearly. There was obviously much more to the pony than met his gaze initially, and he felt quite guilty for being guilty of judging, the irony and hypocrisy not lost on him to be sure.

If he hadn’t been so emotionally compromised and flustered from Fluttershy’s presence, he would certainly have drawn himself up, met her fury with a cool smile and retorted, but as it was, he remained submissive, his neck bent so low as to be looking up at the unicorn girl fearfully. It didn’t help that he was extra-aware of the whispers and hissing of his fellow students, a bit of Fluttershy’s own social anxiety seemed to have ‘infected’ him by proxy. Again, if he weren’t so darn disconcerted and discombobulated he might’ve turned the surrounding crowd into snakes to match their sibilant undertones. But he couldn’t muster the wit or the magic, his knees turning inwards and ears drooping, just feeling like such the foolish foal- and he actually youthened into a timid scrawny teenager on the spot under Twilight’s fiery eyes, his ‘badboy’ getup hanging heavy and loose on his tinier frame, horns mere nubs and chin scant of any sort of beard but for peachy fuzz.

"I-I-I’m sorry…" He said again in a much higher voice than before, cracking more dramatically than merely from nerves, though there were plenty of those involved as well. And he shivered from his own earlier coldness, a breeze rustling his now absurdly baggy jeans and they plummeted to his meager mismatched ankles, revealing humiliatingly oversized boxer shorts of a faded bright pink. With a high yelp the de-aged draconequus dived for the waistband and yanked them back up, his face ablaze with the brightest blush, his ears actually smoking from the heat of his embarrassment. "D-d-don’t let me keep you, I-I shouldn’t have said anything…" He stammered, shuffling and waddling away, just wanting to disappear, though for some reason his magic not allowing him to, though it did make another breeze to chill his skinny little rump as the jeans and undies sagged in the back.

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Well here we are again, it’s always such a pleasure

remember when you tried to kill me twice?

(Alright, I’ll stop XP)

It’s tuesday though! And that means commission streaming, yaaaaay!

Still open to new clients, too- everyone and anyone is welcome! So come on in!

The thing I enjoy most about writing for Discord is that I get to write literary puns into his molten magic metamorphosis.

He looks sheepish- LET’S MAKE HIM AN ACTUAL SHEEP.

That’s something that doesn’t quite work the same way in any other medium, so I’m happy I discovered it for myself, it makes writing Discord feel much more natural… kinda.

Still struggling a bit…


College!Anthro AU Fluttercord RP


Flutter-"  Fluttershy attempted to say her name again, but Twilight quickly helped out, "Her name’s Fluttershy, and if I’m not mistaken- You’re Mr. Discord?"  Twilight seemed completely nonplussed at his appearance.  Fluttershy thought she may be reading too far into it, but Twilight even seemed… excited to meet him?

"I hear you’re the only one in the Chaos Magic Program!"  Twilight smiled brightly.  "Well that explains it…  Twilight rarely sees anypony in the magic programs…"  Fluttershy thought to herself, looking up to see Twilight greet her seat-partner with a large pearly smile.

"In fact- I’m positive you could help us!  Our friend Rainbow Dash needs help with her other Magic Studies required courses.  I’m sure you would know plenty to help!"  Twilight was more than enthusiastic to know another Magic major, and one that was older than her too!  "I’m Twilight Sparkle!  Would you like to come with us?"  She held out a hand as formal as any unicorn could.

Fluttershy smiled at Twilight’s enthusiasm, and started to feel guilty when seeing Discord’s slouching figure.  ”He does seem scary but… I know not to judge a book by its cover!  How would I’ve become friends with Zecora if I kept this up?”  Fluttershy thought to herself, clutching her books to her chest.  Fluttershy looked up from her hair to see his eager eyes, “I-If you want, we can go over notes from Advanced Magic…”  Fluttershy was still intimidated, but she knew that shutting out Discord would be the meanest thing a pony could do.  ”Th-that is… I-if you want.”  Fluttershy whispered.

"Fluttershy… Heh, I should have guessed."

A small smile curled Discord’s lips. These ponies were all so fittingly named, though he supposed he was hardly in a place to judge. His smile vanished rather quickly when his eyes fell on the provider of this information. He had hardly seen a more orderly pony, with her starched, pressed, obsessively neat uniform of plain gray, pleated skirt and tweed jacket.  He recognized her as the poster child for Canterlot’s education accolades as of late, in the past few years it was rare to not see her proud picture plastered all over the Royale Gazette and Canterlot Post having won one contrived smartypants award or another.

Her enthusiasm about him didn’t flatter the draconequus, he could tell that, to her, he was more of an oddity, a zoo animal, a source of intrigue, than an actual sentient creature with feelings. He was used to that perspective as well.

"Yes," He replied simply. "The Chaos program is delightfully lonely in an elite, orderly-obsessive school such as this." His voice held no hint to a threat, but there was a decided temperature drop to his tone than when he was speaking to Fluttershy. He sighed. "I’ve heard of you, of course. How many academic awards was it? 700? 800? You practically swallowed the scholarship program when you applied, didn’t you?" The honey was poisoned from his icy sweet timbre of his voice. He took her hand in his strong, lion paw, giving it a firm, borderline crushing squeeze as he shook. There was cold indifference in his eyes as they fell on her offer. "Oh, you don’t want a monster like me to muddle up your orderly study session, surely." He laughed softly, without mirth, and the ponies in the surrounding area would swear that the air had chilled by several degrees by then.

But then Fluttershy’s soft voice spoke up. And his coldness evaporated immediately. He would have melted into a puddle on the floor if he hadn’t stopped himself, his cruel, ironic smile turning quite sheepish in an instant, a crop of fleece creeping up from his collar.

"You would have me, really? I mean… I would… um, sure, study… notes… and things…" Truth be told his notebook held fewer notes than a minimalist composer’s symphony. "Uh… sorry." He apologized, guilty, without really knowing why. Young Discord cleared his throat as that infernal anxious crack in his voice had returned with a vengeance. "If Ms. Sparkle and Ms. Dash will have me, I’d be delighted to join you."

College!Anthro AU Fluttercord RP


Fluttershy began to backpedal and hid her face behind her pink hair, not wanting to confront the scariest being she’d seen since who knows when.  ”Fluttershy…" She whispered, and when asked again, she replied,"Fluttershy…" And when asked a third time, a small whining of the three syllables was all that could be heard.  

Fluttershy felt herself shrinking away more and more until she saw Twilight leave the room, her face brightening up completely as she zoomed past Mr. Discord and excitedly talked with Twilight.  

"Wasn’t that such an easy class?  I bet I could get an A in my sleep!"  Twilight said. Fluttershy blushed and replied,

"Maybe, but I was a little lost- Until Professor De Lancie began talking slowly…"  She giggled slightly as she remembered, "Then he went over everything again and it was so much easier!"  

"Do you want to head over to the library?  Rainbow Dash told me she needed help and you can come with us!"  Fluttershy gasped happily,

"I’d love to!"  

"Who’s that?"  Twilight looked over Fluttershy’s shoulder towards Mr.Discord and Fluttershy paled,

"He’s my seat-partner."  Fluttershy whimpered.  

"I think he wants to talk-"  

"You said it was the library right?"  Fluttershy pressed, however it was pointless as the crowd parted for Mr. Discord and Fluttershy felt their eyes focusing on her and her new class-partner.  "Hello."  She whispered.

Discord was used to ponies avoiding him, avoiding his gaze, avoiding his stride, crossing the street to avoid him. Used to them being afraid and suspicious. But it hurt, it hurt now as she was doing it. Why? Maybe it was because for the first time he’d found another pony his age that didn’t treat him with distrust at their first meeting. Or a pony that had defended him implicitly with no ulterior motives. Maybe it was because he’d stupidly hoped perhaps she was different. But it looked like he was wrong. Why was it bothering him? It shouldn’t be painful, it shouldn’t, after all these years, make him fill with an aching sadness. These ponies, they were all so dull and frightened of anything the slightest bit different or unique. They didn’t deserve him, that was it. They were jealous, obviously. He didn’t care. He didn’t care at all.

He let his awkwardly extended eagle claw fall, swinging like a sling of stones to slay a mighty giant. He tried to stuff his empty sadness with anger and apathy. The rebellious draconequus turned away, snorting an altogether unconvincing sneer of smearing indifference. It was shattered by Fluttershy’s tiny voice. And he was sucked back to her, to her palpable kindness, his body twisting to face her again, in spite of himself. He felt ashamed, it wasn’t that they didn’t deserve him, it was that he didn’t deserve them, and especially… her. No other pony had ever succeeded in making him feel guilty before, no authority figure, no scolding adult had brought him to his knees. But her cringing timidity, her scared eyes filled him with remorse that he couldn’t deny.

He couldn’t hear her name, and Discord needed to know, he needed a name to put to this pretty, fearful face to feel properly bad. He pursued her as she dashed from the hall after her friend. The crowd parted, watching, whispering, but he advanced with only the smallest of blushes. He was trying to walk less like a hunting raptor now, not wanting to look scary for a change. He had his long neck curled forwards and arms folded docilely at his stomach. His tail curled nervously around his reptilian leg as he stood, a few yards from the girl, unable to look into her eyes.

"Hello…" He said back, in a quiet tone quite unusual for him, waving a lion paw. "I didn’t mean to scare you, please don’t be frightened anymore, please?" He edged a tiny bit nearer, aware of the wary looks he was getting from the ponies all around as they stepped back. "I just want to know your name, that’s all. I couldn’t hear you before, did you say what it was?"